The Brand Guys

From Mark to Landmark: How strategic thinking crafted a flag instead of the logo for Kepler Cafe

Kepler started as a film club, evolving into a cultural community that organized various activities. To sustain their growth, they turned to crowdfunding to establish a cultural cafe. Kepler’s unique start as a crowd “founded” place, led to its positioning as a “parallel cultural community.” This was reflected in their brand as we use a flag as their visual asset instead of the logo, symbolizing the community’s collective effort in building Kepler.

To capture the dynamic nature of Kepler’s community in packing too, a direction called “Kepler Kinetic,” utilized a gradient of Kepler’s colors, blending seamlessly without borders, to represent the diverse personalities that merged to form the community. This visual language was applied to everything from the cafe’s interior to its packaging.

Also, The packaging featured quotes from books and films discussed at Kepler, creating a dynamic and interactive experience for customers. This vibrancy extended to the “Folks system,” a collection of QR codes that allowed customers to engage with Kepler’s offerings. Scanning the QR code on a cup revealed a playlist that changed hourly, while the code on a popcorn box suggested films similar to those watched in Kepler’s film group.

This innovative approach ensured that every element of Kepler resonated with customers, creating lasting memories and fostering a sense of belonging.