Design: Ayush Dhaulakhandi
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design
Tutor: Prof. Dr. Ranjana Dani
Packaging Contents: Plant Packaging
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Acrylic/ HIPS box
Printing Process: Digital Print

URJA is a brand dedicated to reconnecting urban dwellers with traditional Indian plants and their holistic health benefits. Our comprehensive kit includes essential Indian plants, tools, packaging, gloves, and fertilizers, all designed to promote herbal wellness and green living. By reviving age-old Indian gardening traditions, URJA fosters sustainable living, mindfulness, and a profound bond with nature. We provide not only the products but also educational resources and sustainable gardening techniques, encouraging self-reliance, community involvement, and a connection with nature. URJA champions personal health and a sustainable future for both people and the environment, harmonizing modern urban lifestyles with the vibrant tapestry of Indian heritage.

Urja, derived from Sanskrit, embodies the essence of energy, strength, and vitality. It symbolizes the life force that sustains us, drawing from the sun’s power and the intrinsic qualities of nature. In Indian philosophy, Urja represents the dynamic force of existence, essential for physical and mental well-being. Choosing “Urja” for my herbal wellness kit reflects its Indian heritage and the traditional values of harnessing nature’s energy for holistic health.

What’s Unique?

URJA stands out for its authentic focus on traditional Indian plants and wellness practices, offering a comprehensive herbal wellness garden kit that includes everything needed for city residents and novices alike. Emphasizing sustainability with recyclable packaging and eco-friendly practices, URJA also provides detailed educational resources on herbal remedies and plant care. Available through specialty stores, online platforms, farmers markets, and wellness events, URJA uniquely blends cultural heritage, convenience, and environmental consciousness to promote personal health and sustainable living.

Target Audience:


Age: 25-55Gender: AnyLocation: Urban areas across IndiaEducation: Varied, but likely tertiary education or higherIncome: Middle to upper-middle class


Lifestyle: Busy professionals seeking a balance between work and well-beingValues: Health-conscious, environmentally aware, interested in traditional practicesInterests: Wellness, sustainable living, gardening, holistic healthChallenges: Time constraints, stress, urban lifestyle disconnect from nature


Primarily urban areas: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc.


Respect for traditional practices and herbal remediesDesire for holistic wellnessRecognition of the importance of nature despite urban living

Brand Concept:

Traditional Wellness: Offers an all-inclusive herbal wellness garden kit featuring essential Indian plants, tools, recyclable packaging, gloves, and fertilizers to promote traditional Indian wellness practices.

Urban Accessibility: Designed for city dwellers and novices, making gardening convenient and accessible with comprehensive kits and detailed educational resources on plant care and herbal remedies.

Sustainability Focus: Emphasizes eco-friendly packaging and sustainable gardening practices, appealing to environmentally conscious individuals committed to green living.

Wide Reach: Available through specialty stores, online platforms, farmers markets, and wellness events, ensuring broad accessibility and engagement with our target audience.

Design Approach

My design approach for the URJA Herbal Wellness Kit focuses on simplicity, accessibility, and sustainability. I’ve included four carefully selected health-benefit plants: Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Turmeric, and Aloe Vera, each known for their therapeutic properties. The travel-friendly, compact, and lightweight packaging ensures that you can easily take your herbal wellness essentials on the go. The simple takeaway packaging allows for quick and convenient use, promoting practicality in busy urban lifestyles. Made from recyclable and biodegradable materials, the packaging aligns with eco-friendly practices and minimizes waste. I’ve also included clear, illustrated instructions to guide you through planting and caring for your herbs, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Dry ink illustration for remedial plant packaging represents a harmonious convergence of practicality and artistry. On a practical level, dry ink’s resistance to smudging and fading ensures that the packaging maintains its clarity and legibility even after prolonged use and exposure to various environmental factors. This durability is crucial for conveying essential information about the remedial plants contained within, such as usage instructions, ingredients, and benefits, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.

Inside the URJA Herbal Wellness Kit, you’ll find a cleverly designed tray that houses all the essentials for your herbal garden journey. This tray includes handy tools and a convenient spray bottle, allowing for easy access and immediate use. Simply pull out the inside tray, and you’re ready to start planting, nurturing, and enjoying the benefits of your herbal wellness garden. This thoughtful design ensures practicality and efficiency, making it effortless to incorporate herbal wellness into your daily routine.