Design: The Creative Method
Location: Australia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Label and Litho Limited NZ
Product Launch Location: New Zealand
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass and Paper
Printing Process: Dude adhesive label. Offset. Matt and gloss varnish

Our brief was to name and create a wine brand for specialist label printers located in New Zealand that can be used as a gift to all of their current and future clients. They wanted a label that could celebrate the upcoming Xmas period (Summer holidays downunder) while also drawing attention to their specialist printing capabilities.

The area of our focus was on a new dual adhesive label technique where the top layer could be removed revealing another print underneath.

The idea was based around the transition from work to the beach and the part wine can play in facilitating an enjoyable summer break.

The name flipside is a nod to ‘flip flops’ (Or sandals as they are lovingly known in NZ) the preferred footwear of the holiday occasion. The front label is more traditional, detailed and regimented – reflecting the quality of the wine while showing a different style of footwear for each style of wine.

When the top label is peeled back it reveals the full colour holiday scene underneath where the stuffy work shoes have been replaced by the bold and bright flip flop. The colours underneath reflect the bold and punchy flavours of the wine.

What’s Unique?
The adhesive is a duel label where graphics are printed on both layers. There is a contrast in styles between the traditional detail and craft of the top label and the bold and bright illustration underneath as a reveal.