KaiTea faced the challenge of improving its brand image and for this, it counted on us. In a market full of options, it is important to stand out and differentiate yourself, so the strategy focused on highlighting the premium quality of the tea through an authentic and genuine packaging design, with unique illustrations that would make it stand out. And at Babou we are committed to an authentic and premium quality packaging design that highlights the freshness and naturalness of its teas. Through somewhat decontextualized illustrations, we managed to differentiate ourselves from the competition and reflect the new essence of the brand.

With the new packaging design and the complete renewal of the brand image, it was possible to consolidate KaiTea as a reference brand in the alternative scene market. Our values ​​of quality, freshness and naturalness were key to standing out from the competition, and the unique illustrations on our metal cans generated a long-term emotional bond with our consumers. In addition, our focus on sustainability and the circular economy of the product allowed us to create a durable object in our customers’ homes.