CBA Design

After several successful packaging design revamp for Jyväshyvä, CB’a Design Solutions collaborated once again with the leading biscuit brand in Finland on the launch of Jyväshyvä Hetkiset, its new range of biscuits for small breaks.

Jyväshyvä has created over the years a strong bond with its customers, but the brand needed to gain in modernity and in taste appeal, to draw new customers. The launch of Jyväshyvä Hetkiset, which is in line with the brand’s advertising signature “All the best from nature”, introduces a new moment of consumption within Jyväshyvä’s portfolio.

The oat biscuits presented in portion packagings, target uppermost small and young households who enjoy small delicious daily breaks. Thus, CB’a Design Solutions needed to visually install the away-from-home moment of consumption, and to communicate on the taste appeal of these cereal biscuits. CB’a Design Solutions’ challenge was also to graphically modernize Jyväshyvä’s brand speech, as well as to clearly express Jyväshyvä Hetkiset’s own personality.

CB’a Design Solutions created a dynamic and indulgent environment, while respecting the natural tradition of Jyväshyvä. The packaging design capitalizes on Jyväshyvä’s emblematic yellow stripes, but in a slightly modernized way, to get along with the modern graphic treatment of the subbrand Hetkiset, which stands out from a light background for a strong impact on the shelf. The chosen typography, as well as its diagonal orientation echoe to the modern and active lives of Jyväshyvä Hetkiset’s consumers. The practical dimension of the product is highlighted through the visuals of the biscuits, which play at the same time on the indulgence of the natural ingredients, oat and chocolate.

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