B.U., one of the flagship and most successful brands of Sarantis, wanted to launch an innovative variant of perfume and deodorant within its portfolio. For their first collaboration, Sarantis and CB’a Design Solutions decided to work together on a concept name and graphic universe that would reinforce B.U.’s position as an unconventional perfumes and deodorants brand for young and trendy girls in Eastern Europe.
Among several propositions and graphic universes, the Rockmantic concept was chosen for its resonance with the bold temper of teenage girls today and its ability to embody more than a mood, a state of mind. Rockmantic reveals perfectly their complex personalities, a sparkling mix of provocation and fragility.
The design needed to be super sophisticated and sensual, in order to fully express the uniqueness of this new fragrance.
Rockmantic’s branding reconciles the two dimensions of the concept in a fresh girly style: heavy bold letters for the rock attitude, and subtle italic thin letters for the poetic romantism.
The graphic design uses the same balance between the strength and impact of the rock spirit and the delicacy and evanescence of the romantic soul, through the association of silver, black, pink and white colour codes.
A key visual of pink rose illustrates perfectly the cross-over of the two attitudes, referring both to the graphic codes of tattoo and romance. This visual, settled on a black sophisticated splash, stands out from a subtle floral trim pattern, as the finishing touches of the Rockmantic style.

Designed by CB’a Design Solutions, France.