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Designed by CB’a, France.

VAASAN, leading firm on the Finnish bakery market has challenged CB’a for its fresh bread category redesign of the Finnish market counting more than 50 products.

The VAASAN Group is one of the most significant operators in Northern Europe. It is the leading company in Finland and the Baltic Region. In order to increase its leadership and better address consumer’s needs, CB’a worked on reorganizing its portfolio, and revamping all packs.

The agency’s objective was to build a new architecture around four different platforms based on a unique concept: “Bakes Finland Favorites”. Four poles were thus identified: two monobrand platforms for VAASAN RUISPALAT, and VAASAN Isoaidin, a “Health & Energy” and a “Variety & Treat” platform.
Besides, VAASAN needed to switch from a portfolio organized by products to a portfolio that better takes into account the consumer benefice and strengthen VAASAN’s equity.

Once the four poles were defined, CB’a worked on the packaging of each brands sometimes only relifting the packs, sometimes creating a full transversal system. VAASAN RUISPALAT was only modernized as it represents 40% of the sales, however VAASAN Isoaidin was completely revamped to convey the brand know-how, homemade spirit and the grandmother’s excellence.
For the other two, CB’a created a graphic system either with wheat head for Health & Energy or played with the logo shape for Variety & Treat.