Nenad Došen Studio

Gundulićeva 70, Banja Luka 78000, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Designer: Nenad Dosen
Client: CassarCamilleri Ltd., Malta
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Fontana is one of the long standing Maltese brands that’s being trusted for more than 20 years. CassarCamilleri, company that’s owner of Fontana brand, was aware that market is overwhelmed with bottled natural mineral waters as well as pure table waters that are slowly taking over tired Fontana brand. Decision was to completely revitalise Fontana brand and make complete makeover. We have refreshed Fontana identity, making it stronger and more vibrant. Glass and PET packaging range was completely redesigned. We also introduced lower preform weight for PET range in order to reduce annual consumption of raw PET materials and saving energy required during production process.