Bitter Druid – herbal alcoholic liqueur

Nenad Došen Studio

Gundulićeva 70, Banja Luka 78000, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Druids trace their origins to the ancient Celtic period and are also mentioned by Greek and Roman writers. They had a priestly class, but the basis of their beliefs was respect for nature and natural elements, so they very often performed the function of doctors and herbalists and created secret preparations and potions that were used both for medicinal purposes and for relaxation and bringing a smile to the face.

Adventurers and eccentrics by nature, their mystical teachings and life in and with nature have always been considered a certain magic. Extraordinary connoisseurs of astrology and the mysterious powers of plants and animals, they performed the most essential rituals in nature, often in oak forests, and were accused of many inexplicable phenomena. Female druids did not enjoy the same privileges as their male colleagues, so they were often attacked and persecuted under accusations of witchcraft and blasphemy, and they were often equated with witches.

That’s why we dedicated this bitter herbal alcoholic liqueur to the Druids, whose ancient recipes, with more or less variations, we still use today. Bitter Druid is a herbal alcoholic liqueur created according to a secret recipe with carefully selected aromatic, mystical and medicinal herbs that are specially processed and thus reveal their herbal power. All ingredients used for Bitter Druid undergo rigorous selection and are thoroughly controlled to ensure consistent quality in every production process.

The packaging design is a reinterpretation of the Druid in the format of a modern woman, the creator of this unique bitter drink that, with its unique herbal combinations, contributes to both physical improvement and psychological relaxation, a feeling of happiness and well-being. We played with retro elements, but we were also inspired by the “flower power” generation and their experimentation with plants, and used elements of astrology to get a unique, original and recognisable design that invites you to discover the secrets of the ancient masters.