LocoNuts – A little nuttier nuts

Nenad Došen Studio

Gundulićeva 70, Banja Luka 78000, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“We have a super popular product in a market flooded with similar products, and we want to be unique and recognisable!”

There are four nut varieties labelled superfoods; some are locally grown and fit the trendy food category, which has been on the rise for the past few years. Also, we had to emphasise that nuts have nutritional and health benefits, primarily when grown and produced without additives.

We developed this concept for Tenen, a local food producer. The product had to stand out from the crowded market but simultaneously convey the message of a new brand that’s visually appealing and different, yet to share all essential messages on the packaging. Firstly, we named it LocoNuts – playing with the word Loco from Spanish origins, which means “nuts, crazy”, and the English word Nuts with its double meaning; we have an easy-to-remember and pretty crazy brand name – LocoNuts.

LocoNuts design is a series of vintage, sporty, healthy characters combined with larger-than-life nuts, enhanced with a bright, simple background and all the benefits casually placed around. We are conveying an image of an oversized product mocking sportsmen and their disciplines but also easily indicating the type of nuts in the pack. They also make packaging visible on the shelves, breaking through cluttered product categories.

With humorous images and messages, communication materials follow a packaging design pattern built around a unique visual approach that should become easily recognisable and a favourite choice on the market.

Curator’s Insight

The packaging is like a canvas for a playful story with a healthy twist. Those vintage persons reaching out for the oversized nuts is a genius move! It’s like blending a wholesome lifestyle with a touch of fun. Nuts with personalities? Who would’ve thought!