Swaveboard X

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Gothic Design
Designer: Shela & Dean
Client: Streetwave Pte Ltd.
Location: Singapore
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work

The main idea of the Swaveboard packaging is to Go Green.

The structure of the box holds the Swaveboard by its own with a sheer sheet of corrugated board. The interior die-line folds up to let the casters fits in the grooves properly and stands firm on the box.

The box has seen no use of glue and it is a 2-colour printing box. The rectangular packaging tackles the storage problem housing the irregularly-shaped board. The foot deck is visible through open windows to avoid frequent opening and spoiling the box.

Apart from a packaging solution which is cost-saving, material-saving and friendly to our environment, it promotes Swaveboard surfing as a stylish and trendy sport for teens and contributes to a positive and healthy urban lifestyle.

The Unique Points: Designed in Singapore, the Streetwave Swaveboard is a two-wheeled caster board that has a motion similar to surfing or snowboarding when one rides it. It is the lightest amongst all existing ones by using a unique glass fibre composite.

The Swaveboard applies silicone rubber instead of the traditional coated abrasive grip. Its built-in suspension system provides a smoother ride as it reduces vibrations.