Designer: Packvisuals
Project Type: Commercial Work for mock-up
Packaging Content: Distilled water
Location: Global

The main inspiration came from the waves and I always wanted a distilled water design that is really simple. To feel simple is to feel relax. The distilled water PET bottle mock-up is available for sale so you can own a part of simple.

Editor’s Insight: Sometimes, there’s nothing more soothing than the sound of waves around you. It’s a reminder that life is full of beauty and can still be simple. PackVisuals understood this feeling, and wanted to capture it in their latest design – a PET bottle mock-up of distilled water. When you look at it, you’re taken straight back to those days spent basking in the sun by the beach or listening to the ocean’s rhythm.

It’s a reminder that life should be enjoyed simply. That’s why PackVisuals chose a refreshingly minimalistic approach for their design – because simple is synonymous with calm. And when everything in life seems complex and chaotic, sometimes all we need is a beautiful reminder that life can still be worry-free and relaxed. Now, you can have your own piece of serenity with PackVisual’s PET bottle mock-up of distilled water.