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Creative Agency: CBA
Creative Director: Andrew King
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Perugina
Location: Italy
Packaging Contents: Chocolate

Perugina is a centenarian brand, deeply rooted in Italians’ memories, with a rich history. This brand is fueled with the vibrant personality of its founder, Luisa Spagnoli, and with the generosity of Umbrian’s soil. However, this rich and beautiful story, as well as its uniqueness, is not expressed on packagings, neither on the Brand Identity.

CBA’s mission was to build a coherence in brand image across the products. CBA has been asked to rethink the global visual identity of Perugina, brand logotype and packaging. The Brand Essence imagined becomes “Moulding the taste of Italian chocolate desires”. And CBA was convinced that the starting point of every desire is a heartbeat, that irrigates one’s body and soul. Our agency illustrated this conviction through a bold new logotype.

What’s Unique?
The new logotype encompasses all the brand values that define this chocolate brand:
– the Italianness is expressed through Perugina’s name and the insertion of the city name in the logotype
– the Chocolate expertise takes place through the circle shape and the black background
– and its Rich heritage is developed through the proudly set up griffin and date

Each range has its own personality, expressed by the shape or pattern coming from the logotype: a generous cacao powder for the baking range, a rich brushstroke for the creative Tablo range, a mysterious light for degustation, and a golden artistic pattern for gifting. The product personality comes with a simple set up, enhancing its taste and personality.

CBA and Perugina have built a partnership that leads to the Brand inner truth revelation.