Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss In July 2017

Derrick Lin


Packaging of the World presents the top 10 posts for the month of July 2017. They are selected according to their post views, social shares, social likes, re-tweets repins and people reached. All these data were collected on this website and also on different platforms like our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page. These projects will definitely inspire you for your next design project, you can also submit your packaging project here!


Bamboo Juice packaging design concept by Marcel Sheishenov

Bamboo is a tin can concept for cold beverage. This can looks like a one section of an actual bamboo and it looks like a long stick of bamboo when stacked on top of each other. This product stands out on shelves and attracts customers.

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Adda Container Shoe Box packaging design by Prompt Design

To communicate with modern teen community is a big challenge because of his own society, lifestyle, thoughts and preferences. This leads to a design of ADDA container shoe box. The ADDA container shoe box design is inspired by the transportation of raw material into the factory and our products to the customers. The design around the shoebox labeled with ADDA name looks robust and is a box-shaped drawer.

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Cotchel fresh juice packaging design by Sand Creative

As a family run business G.H.Thompson’s have been growing fruit and veg for markets, greengrocers and restaurants since 1948. They take the tasty fruit they have grown in their own orchards (no matter what shape or size) and make delicious juices. A ‘Cotchel’ is market trader slang for ‘a little bit of something left over’. At the end of their shift the market traders or growers would take home either the best or remaining stock for friends and family.

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Celebri-Tea packaging design by Gordost

The unique traditions of tea drinking were born in England. For several centuries the English have been fond of tea, making it a habit to have their favorite drink up to three times a day. The famous 5 o’clock tea is not only a tribute to this tradition, but also a way to take a break from work, take your mind off the worries, and spend time with friends and family. In England, tea has become a truly national drink, that’s why the English theme in the concept of the tea package design looks absolutely organic.

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B-ing Flower Drink packaging design concept by Prompt Design

The ‘B-ing’ bottle package is designed so that shrink film wrap (which is double-side printed) when being torn along the dotted marks around the bottle top will show a blooming flower appearance with petals.

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Adnams: LongShore & First Rate packaging design by CookChick

Adnams have been producing handcrafted spirits at the Copper House Distillery since 2010. Since launch they have been making waves in the international spirits arena, winning numerous awards including the coveted ‘world’s best’ trophies for it’s approach to spirit making and maverick packaging design.

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Heir Apparent wine label design by CF NAPA Brand Design

Grand Napa Vineyards came to CF Napa with the opportunity to launch a premium red wine into their portfolio. The design for this brand was inspired by the idea that great wines are inspired and improved by the lineage of great winemakers and wine that preceded them. The artistry of winemaking of each new vintage is the culmination of learning and technique learned through the years. The design makes use of a historical “family tree” of exceptional winemakers and those who proceeded and thus contributed to this exceptional wine.

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Molecola 906090 packaging design by Curve Studio

The aim of the project was to create an iconic bottle for Molecola, a 100% Italian cola. Curve Studio has decided to take some inspiration from the Italian’s style: fashion, elegance, cinema actresses such as Sofia Loren. The final result is a bottle with sexy and sinuous shapes. The finish of the glass Is a clear reference to fabric texture. The details make the difference, as in fashion.

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Arrels Barcelona packaging design by Hey

Creating the identity meant finding the right balance between their urban look and their rural roots and between being handmade and mass produced. This duality is reflected in the two colours of the identity and in the pattern created for the boxes and the shoes; an idea which was carried over to the brochure. The design of the pattern plays with the idea that if you were to rip up all the layers of concrete which cover the urban landscape underneath you would find the original, natural surface of the earth.

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On The Go Cocktails packaging design by PB Creative Ltd

Single or double? A little tonic or up to the top? When it comes to mixing the perfect highball, we all know just how we like it. While cocktails-on-the-go are a great stopgap, they lack a certain bespoke sparkle. So, what can be done to move on from the ubiquitous one-size-fits-all version? FMCG trade magazine The Grocer asked brand-design agency PB Creative to rethink the world of ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails. Here’s what happened when its team of innovators got muddling…

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