Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Sand Creative
Creative Direction: Sean Harvey
Client: Pete Thompson
Illustrator: Alex Machin
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Cotchel
Location: Herne Bay, England
Packaging Contents: Fresh Juice
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, paper
Printing Process: Digital

As a family run business G.H.Thompson’s have been growing fruit and veg for markets, greengrocers and restaurants since 1948. They take the tasty fruit they have grown in their own orchards (no matter what shape or size) and make delicious juices. A ‘Cotchel’ is market trader slang for ‘a little bit of something left over’. At the end of their shift the market traders or growers would take home either the best or remaining stock for friends and family.

We communicated the idea of the growers sharing their ‘Cotchel’ and delivering it straight to the consumer. It doesn’t get better than fruit grown and made into juices by the people that grow it and know it best. The illustration was created in a post war woodcut style sympathetic to the era the business originated.

What’s Unique?
Cotchel own their own land and orchards and are able to specify where the product was grown and what type of fruit was used to make the juice. A lot of larger manufacturers just make juice using whatever fruit is available or cheapest while adding sugar to balance the taste.