Project Type: Concept
Packaging Content: Tea
Packaging Materials: Сardboard, Paper
Location: Russia

The unique traditions of tea drinking were born in England. For several centuries the English have been fond of tea, making it a habit to have their favorite drink up to three times a day. The famous 5 o’clock tea is not only a tribute to this tradition, but also a way to take a break from work, take your mind off the worries, and spend time with friends and family. In England, tea has become a truly national drink, that’s why the English theme in the concept of the tea package design looks absolutely organic.

The pack with portraits of world-famous characters of the British culture instantly attracts attention and evokes sympathy. You have to agree, it’s nice to be drinking tea in the company of the queen herself! In addition to Elizabeth II, the design of the range also presents images of John Lennon, William Shakespeare and Benedict Cumberbatch – the main actor in the “Sherlock” series. Brewing a portion of this flavored tea, the consumer finds themself in an excellent English company.

Each image is made in the shape of scattered tea and supplemented with accessories such as fruits, berries, leaves that are all part of the drink. The taste differentiation is reflected in a pun-like manner through the characters’ names, as well as the colored stripes at the bottom of the package. Moreover, the diversity of the lineup highlights the taste preferences of its characters. Restrained typography emphasizes the traditional high quality of the product and serves as a marker for the refined British style.