Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: MAY-Foods
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Coffee

Brief summary
Business unit MAY-Foods, in cooperation with Gordost branding agency, relaunched the coffee brand Coffesso for the Russian market. This coffee is made according to old Italian recipes from high-quality coffee beans of the best kinds.

We have developed a coffee packaging design for those who attach particular significance to taste and appreciate Italian coffee art.

The passion of Italians for beauty gave birth to the most talented artists well-known all around the world. It is Italy that is thought to be the birthplace of high art and one of the most coffee-loving countries in the world. Coffesso is Italy where taste and art come together. This idea helped us form the basis of the design, in which we used illustrative images of the Renaissance women as an allusion to Italian art. A fragment of the letter C chimes with the name of the brand and delicately crops the image, creating a color accent.

Thus, the key image for the Espresso line is a brunette girl in a dark dress, who clearly characterizes the richness and aroma of this type of coffee. A girl wearing a dress with shades of ocher-beige is the Crema line, and Classico is presented by the red color gamut. The matte texture of the packaging, as well as neat lettering, elegantly complement the overall graphic style.

Coffee is a work of art. Become the creator of your own masterpiece.