Art Director: Gregor Zakelj
Location: Slovenia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Kocbek
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Pumpkin seed oil
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Hand blown glass
Printing Process: Pad printing

Kocbek family has been producing pumpkin seed oil for over 90 years, when his grandfather, Anton Kocbek, started producing pumpkin seed oil in 1929. From generation to generation the knowledge was passed on and hand made production itself has not changed at all, with all the respect towards tradition and nature.

The design of the bottle is a minimal and modern mimic of the wooden part of the stamp from 1929 used by their grandfather to certify his hand-made pumpkin seed oil. The old sigh AK is imitated on the bottle which is made in Steklarna Hrastnik – an amazing piece of art made with a rare craft of hand-blowing glass. The world purest glass contains 0% of metal ingredients, something that only glassmaking engineers of world-renowned Hrastnik know how to do since 1860. Everything is locally produced making this high-end product as sustainable as possible, from ingredients to production, with respect to the traditional Slovenian craft in one product.