Agency: visualbraingravity d.o.o.
Designer: Gregor Zakelj
Photographer: Urša Culiberg
Location: Slovenia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Odori
Product Launch Location: Slovenia
Packaging Contents: Cosmetics and cleaners
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium
Printing Process: Digital printing

Odori makes 100% natural products with vegan and bio certificates. Packed in recycled aluminum bottles for reuse and refill options. Beautiful sustainable story with local ingredients. A set of real nature photographs where ingredients grow are used in the package design.

The body is not made of artificial ingredients, so it does not need them. Odori prepares 100%-natural home and personal care products that are effective, gentle, fragrant, safe and healthy, friendly to your skin, nature, and even your washing machine. They do not contain phosphates, preservatives, colorants, alcohols, enzymes, and other additives.

The Ljubljana Marshes. An oasis of nature so free that it does not obey the narrow-mindedness of man’s will. And, at the same time, so gentle that it should be walked upon softly, on your toes, with the feel of a rope walker at every step. Marshes are a place of mysteries from which stories emerge that cannot be fully understood. One of these is Odori – a tale set in the present day to caress one’s body with its ancient hand.

Herbs and flowers from the Ljubljana Marshes are harvested, squeezed, and ground to obtain valuable oils and essences which are offered to you in eco-friendly reusable packaging. It is essential that the ingredients are not overheated so that all the active substances of the extracts are retained. Most of the ingredients are prepared, grown, and made by us. We research and test technological procedures, correct sequences, temperatures, and processes. We have our own herb garden and our own apiary. Whenever possible, our products are vegan, and all are made without hurting animals in any way.

Invite the abundance of Nature with Odori and let it take care of you while making sure that you repay her with eco-friendly, refillable packaging.

Millenia after the people from ancient crannogs picked their fruits in the unspoiled nature and learned to understand the omnipresent whispers of nature, Odori uses the same tenacity and respect for the Earth and its herbs to continue in their stride.

Odori is a thread that connects man to the secret of health over and over again, a natural gift that restores to the body the lost truth of balance.

The Ljubljana Marshes are not only a mysterious stronghold of freedom, but also a fertile realm of inspiration that always comes to the surface unexpectedly. After complicated turns of time, the oldest wooden wheel with an axle in the world was discovered here, jealously hidden by the soil for thousands of years.

For Odori, however, the copper- and bronze-era ceramics with beautiful ornaments made of embossed thread, found in the Ljubljana Marshes, are especially valuable. That is why the story of Odori follows the heritage of the rich art of decorating ceramics with thread prints that adorn the unique packaging of our products.

The diverse living environments in the Ljubljana Marshes bear witness to the long-lasting close connection between man and nature and call for the responsibility to nurture it carefully. This connection is the cornerstone of Odori products. Invite the abundance of Nature with Odori and let it take care of you while making sure that you repay her with eco-friendly, refillable packaging.