Rhum Bologne, Les Confidentiels

Maison LINEA

Design: LINEA
Location: France
Project Type: Produced
Client: Rhum Bologne
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass

The BOLOGNE distillery unveils a selection of some of its finest eaux-de-vie dormant in its cellars. These exceptional rums bear the evocative name ‘LES CONFIDENTIELS‘. It is a duo of old, rare and precious rums: Brut de fût and Hors d’âge. The ultra-confidential collection is reserved for collectors and lovers of great rums!

We are proud to have worked on the design of these two casks. To bring out the quintessence of this series, we have favoured certain revealing attributes such as a smaller bottle (50cl) or a specific colour code (black and gold). These two prestigious vintages are no less artisanal! It is this last aspect that we have given pride of place to on the packaging, with, for example, a specific cut or even a hand numbering of each bottle…