Maison Linea x Rhum Barbancourt – The soul of Haiti

Maison LINEA

Maison Linea is very proud to have supported Barbancourt rums in their international development strategy, and in so doing to honor 160 years of success and history. Before working on the relifting of the packaging range and brand identity, the designers focused on the strategic redesign of the brand, so that it blossomed perfectly around a key positioning: “Rhum Barbancourt, L’âme d’Haïti”.

Worked out in the form of a Brandbook, this internal document ensures the consistency of the customer experience across various markets and distribution channels, while reflecting the quality of the rum, innovation and Haitian culture of the Barbancourt brand.

In terms of brand identity, Maison Linea has imagined a more premium packaging, with more international recognition codes, dedicated patterns, a strong color field (blue and orange) and simplified reassurance elements.

Rhum Barbancourt… “Haitian since 1862″.