Maison Linea x Lim Vodka: minimalism reinvented

Maison LINEA

Maison Linea x Lim Vodka: minimalism reinvented

Following the creation of Loyal Bandit Single Malt Whisky and Ben Cocky Blend Scotch Whisky, La Maison Linea is proud to collaborate with Draup Spirits on their latest spirit. The designers were involved in this ambitious project from A to Z: strategic thinking (positioning, values, storytelling…), territory of expression, brand universe, naming, logotype, visual identity, packaging design (selection of the appropriate glass form, graphic creation) and technical development.

Entitled Lim Vodka, this French vodka, designed by former rugby player Clément PRAUD, takes its name from the acronym “Less Is More”. A follower of the philosophy of less is more, its creator wanted to create a delicate, refined vodka. The territory of expression proposed by Maison Linea is inspired by Limitarianism. Committed to a new art of living, Lim Vodka invites us to be content with little, to advocate anti-radicality and to go back to basics to move towards a more ethical and sustainable world. L I M, behind these 3 letters hides a new way of approaching the world, a different philosophy of life and a desire to share it with those who matter…

Lim Vodka was built around 3 essential values in the eyes of its creator:

  • Curiosity and commitment,
  • Exploration and frugality,
  • Sharing and pleasure.

Vodka 2.0, Lim Vodka is distinguished by fluid materials, soft colors and a clean, comforting and safe aesthetic.

Curator’s Insight

That circular die-cut on the label is like a little window into the world of this vodka. When you look through it, you get a glimpse of the vodka’s fluidity together with the back label, almost like peering into a crystal-clear stream. It adds an extra layer of depth to the design, making it even more intriguing.