Luis Utrillas

Design: Luis Utrillas
Location: Germany
Project Type: Contest Concept
Client: EtiquetaNews Awards

El Pasaje is a conceptual project awarded with the EtiquetaNews Awards 2021 first prize, achieving the highest score obtained throughout its four editions Wine transports us. Through aromas, flavors, sensations, and even our own thinking, we move to places that engage our senses in an abstract and extraordinary way.

El Pasaje draws inspiration from antique transportation labeling to celebrate this idea and explore the design as what it aims to be – A passage that offers a special moment to the consumers. The naming suggests two ideas – The ticket and the space between two places. The logo reflects this double idea by carefully placing the perforations that make the die-cut something that adds value to the design, and the tone of voice borrows from the design concept a language that is interpreted through the prism of the brand, transmitting modernity through the typographic use.

What’s Unique?
A digitally printed wraparound label with two finishes – emboss and deboss – and a tear-up system that aims to engage consumers and close the story by making them ‘validate’ by themselves the passage and discover more storytelling inside.

Inspired by tokens that preceded passages, a coin seals the capsule in gold foil and links all the packaging parts through the monogram. The reverse celebrates this coin and adopts a nostalgic aesthetic that invites us to place the brand on a different timeline, seduces us, and brings new values ​​to the narrative.