REVERIE – CBD Infused Coffee

Luis Utrillas

Reverie is a gourmet & premium product that has an innovative proposal: CBD Infused coffee that adapts to different occasions according to the levels of caffeine that it contains. This functional drink offers the perfect pair to keep consumers balanced in their daily rituals, obtaining the energy and taste of the best coffee along with the benefits of CBD.

Reverie means daydream. We choose it as a brand name because worked as a simile of the product offer – To be calmly focused – and its sonority had a charm that fitted the world we were envisioning.

The main design challenge was to translate the dualism and balance of this unusual blend and make of it a relevant discriminator in a unique way. Contrasted balance ended up being our golden rule at the time of taking each decision.

Analogous colors seemed the right choice to transmit the vibration between the properties of this unexpected blend, while the hue on each of the Sku’s was inspired by the occasion of consuming it, allowing the brand to stand out in a unique and bold way within a recent category in which the behavior is not yet defined.

Luis Utrillas


Designer : Ever Salgado

Reverie Coffee Co