Siesta Brewing Co – Sweet Bullet

Luis Utrillas

Design: Luis Utrillas
Location: Netherlands
Project Type: Produced
Client: Siesta Brewing Co
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Can, Label
Printing Process: Offset

After tackling their core line beers, Siesta Brewing Co asked me to design the first canned beer label and graphic system to their new limited edition product line based upon collaborations where they experiment with new flavor profiles and styles. Sweet Bullet, Dulce disparo al Pie – ‘Sweet shot to the foot’, is a high graduate Pastry Stout that celebrates one of Siesta’s local dessert flavors, La yema de burgos.

What’s Unique?
Illustration and lettering forward, the new design system features wild, sacred, and funny imagery inspired by the flavor profile and its anecdotal meaning. As a link to their core beers and branding, Siesta’s iconic logo character is integrated within the scene being part of its storytelling, and a reflection of the consumer itself. The design interprets the symbolic and anecdotal meaning of drinking this wildly high graduated beer and how pleasant it is – A sweet shot to the foot. The aim in this new line of beers is to make of each packaging something unique and collectible – a challenge to imagine and create.