CF Napa Brand Design

2787 Napa Valley Corporate Dr, Napa, CA 94558, USA

Agency: CF Napa Brand Design
Creative Principal: David Schuemann
Design Director: Antonio Rivera
Designer: Antonio Rivera
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Client: Donati Spirits
Product Launch Location: United States
Packaging Contents: Vodka
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle, Paper, Foil, Wood

Donati Spirits came to CF Napa to name their new premium vodka as well as design the logo and packaging. The name and packaging needed to reflect the artisan craftsmanship of the vodka as well as the winery’s California roots.

The name Bear + Prophet was inspired by the bear that adorns the California flag and the prophetic nature of the distiller – able to see the potential of the crafted spirit. The black label contrasts the pure, clear color of the vodka. An intricate pattern of copper foil catches the light and speaks to the artisanal quality of the vodka.