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中国 西安

Or is it slender, elegant and subtle
Or magnificent and loud
Tea, as early as a thousand years of inheritance, infiltrated the Chinese people
The skinny of the “hardness and softness” of the East
This is what Chinese tea looks like
Gu Ge explores Chinese traditional aesthetics
Retelling the “tea” form of current cognition with the aesthetics of mind and light
Listen to the gorgeous and vigorous highlights of domestic products
Looking back on the safari history of Chinese tea
Deeply dig into the rhythm curve of tea in contemporary life
Strive to radiate more spiritual imagination with the most concise intellectual knowledge
From the soul of the master craftsman who contains the product
Seeking for the renewal power of Chinese tea “penetrating inside and outside”
Tribute to the philosophy of contemporary life
“Guge Brand”


Since 2020, we have shown the world what China’s speed is
And used a series of actions to prove to the world [Great powers are rising]
Yangyang China, five thousand years of civilization accumulation
Carrying the [collective memory] of Chinese culture
For a time, domestic products awakened the explosion of public sentiment
Yao Shi’s [China Red] finally returns strongly
More and more domestic brands that have been silent for a long time come into the public view
[Highlight moment] when the consumer market enters the consumption of domestic products

Under the trend of domestic products
Words such as national style, national tide, nation, and culture appear more frequently
Consumers also prefer the design expression of local culture
Including Pechoin, Huaxizi, Forbidden City
More and more Chinese brands are starting to renew themselves
Attempt to conduct efficient dialogue with consumers with in-depth national aesthetics
The economic market begins to redefine the new pattern of “Made in China”
Urging the accelerated debut of the [New Domestic Products Movement]

Inferior, cheap, and old-fashioned Chinese words
It is gradually changing to be responsible for Chinese quality, domestic products and trends
Gugo thinks
The tide of the country is far more than just the gorgeousness of the floating watch
How to interpret the double concert of cultural inheritance and innovation
Create brand temperament in line with contemporary aesthetics
Is the core competitiveness of the new national brand
And this is undoubtedly the general trend

Tea has taken root for thousands of years in the soil of traditional Chinese culture
As the epitome of the nation
Carrying Oriental Aesthetics and Passing National Wisdom
Or Qinqi, Calligraphy, Painting, Poetry, Wine and Tea
Or chai rice oil salt sauce vinegar tea
[Delicate aesthetic] that permeates the lives of Chinese people
And under the attributes of modern commodities
Tea is by no means a wanton violent aesthetic
It is the inheritance of culture, the condensation of aesthetics, and the return of exquisite state
Is a collection of national wisdom

Gu Ge and Xiaowen’s tea take the light of domestic products and national wisdom
Re-examine the temperament expression of Chinese tea
In-depth interpretation of cultural heritage, innovation and integration
Improving the traditional impression of national tea
Outline the vigorous tone of contemporary traditional tea
Re-awaken tea [exquisite state]
Achievement【Damei】National Tea