SalaTickTack is a brand of healthy and nutritious salads that are convenient to take with you when there is no time to eat at home. So, you can have a quick snack wherever you go by choosing a nutrient alternative to your homemade meal.

Several lines and flavors were developed: you can take a salad with you “to study”, “to work”, “to dinner” and even “to a picnic” and the types of these skewed are written on the front side of the package in handwritten script. The arrows on the sticker indicate the time interval in which the snack is most common. The brand logo is located in a circle, like a dial on which SALATICK TACK TICK TACK is repeated. On the back of the package, you can find information about the composition of the product, and the date of manufacture and preparation, located on the clock sticker. The packaging is made of glossy plastic, the dark color of which strongly distinguishes the product on the shelf from the transparent packaging of competitors. The transparent lid helps to quickly understand the composition of the salad and choose the right taste.

The project was made as part of a 2nd year student project in HSE Art and Design School. Project curator: Pavel Borisovsky.





University: HSE Art and Design School