Venakki Mixology is a collection of spirits especially formulated for bartenders and mixology.

The world is undergoing an exciting revival of the art of making cocktails while discerning consumers and bartenders alike are fascinated by infusions, macerations and sagacious libations.
Venakki are fascinated to see ancient recipes being rescued and reinterpreted, and for being able to contribute to creativity, offering the perfect spirits to sculpt traditional cocktails and to inspire endless possibilities of this newfound confidence and audacity in the art of mixology.

This is the contribution to the cocktail revival, by means of delivering superior quality spirits – artisan handcrafted in small batches – becoming more specialized and adapting to the demands of a cosmopolitan and sophisticated clientele.

The objective was to create a careful, minimalistic and elegant image that could make the product stand out at a bar shelf by its elegance and simplicity.