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Villars is a Swiss chocolate brand that’s based in a city called Fribourg in Switzerland and it’s founded since 1901. This is a conceptual revamp of the chocolate brand’s packaging. The new packaging really capitalizes on the city of Fribourg by featuring a modern city skyline illustration of its most famous monuments and landmarks placed in a scene of a meadow where a Villars cow is meant to be grazing from the grass. The top of the packaging features a unique emblem that’s ownable to the brand depicting the Swiss flag placed inside an embroidered-like patch inspired by those found on the embroidered cowbells in Switzerland. The flag is also adorned by these golden edelweiss flowers and signed off by a signature written slogan of “Mastering Chocolate” to highlight the heritage and know-how of the brand. The brand logo also features an uplift with a more unique and crafted wordmark and it’s placed inside a gold ribbon with a subtle silhouette cut-out of the Swiss alps. The logo itself is embossed in white to stand out on the gold-foil texture on the pack further elevating its production value and increasing its perception as a high-quality chocolate brand. The centerpiece is a square chocolate product shot of what the actual chocolate looks like inside and it’s retouched to a top-view angle to really show all the details of the embossed edelweiss flower on it. The back of the pack is also transformed into a continuation of the story from the front featuring more landmarks from the city of Fribourg and interesting facts about the chocolate-making process and the history behind the brand for maximum consumer engagement. The brand is then further reimagined beyond the pack as a giftable brand to activate the packaging on social media, in-store engagement, and other channels. We see how the brand can travel on gift bags, limited edition gift boxes, gift cards, photography and social media.