Rebase Design

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Beauprty is an early-stage digitally native start-up focused on personal care for teens. The founders themselves are fathers of teens and they started Beauprty as they found nothing in India while searching for good, safe skincare products made for teens only. They believe that the next generation should know a healthy body rather than a perfect body. Their mission is to build for the next generation a space to learn, grow and become their best naturally brave selves. Beauprty wants to encourage teens to share parts of their lives that exist outside of the standard social media story and wants the teens to – Love Themselves and Be Themselves

The goal was to create a brand focused on the ‘teens’ and ‘tweens’ of the current generation. With a vision towards a circular economy, beauprty wanted to have a sustainable packaging solution which in the future can be adapted towards a service-based refilling model. The packaging had to be cool, approachable, transparent & to the point!

The brand name comes as a derivative of the word ‘Puberty’ and is focused on breaking the taboo of puberty. The Brand identity is designed to show growth during this period with imperfect typography to highlight the beauty in imperfection. Recyclable aluminum tubes and jars are used for products like moisturizers, cleansers, and lip masks. Refillable glass bottles are used for toners and acne gel along with recycled paper for the outer box packaging. The packaging is color-coded with skin types, orange for oily to normal skin, blue for normal to dry skin, and green for all skin types. Only 2 color printing is used throughout the product range to reduce cost and material usage. The packaging visuals are minimal and to the point with quirky quotes on the side like “Excess oil is good on samosa, Not your skin”.