Our long-term partnership with the family winery Gogu is a good example of organic brand development, both visually and conceptually. The original design has undergone several changes and variations over time in sync with the expansion of the product line and the growth of the manufacturer’s ambitions. At the same time, the main idea of the packaging design remained the same – connection with the past, traditions, which, like roots, nourish new fruits and give strength for new experiments. Therefore, the creation of a label design for a special new wine Gogu Late Harvest has become a new page in a joint history that lasts almost as long as our studio has existed.

From a visual point of view, the new wine from Gogu Winery – Late Harvest Muscat Ottonel continues the general concept laid down in the very first range of the winery. In this case, the main graphic element – grapevine roots – is presented in a new variation executed with the application of golden gel, which emphasizes the sweet character of the drink. Minimalistic information blocks and an exquisite combination of gold and black add a sense of exclusivity to the whole picture. In general, the label design features a more restrained feel, which looks appropriate for a winery that has grown from a small family business to one of the fastest-growing players in the industry.


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