Avery Dennison The Vintage Cook Book – Vincent Absinth


This dish may seem simple on the surface, but when you look deeper into it, different flavors come into play. And it’s natural, because it relies on a little exotic ingredient that doesn’t come around very often. Inspired by a famous painter and his symbolic dash into madness, this recipe takes a classic form and spins it upside down with a generous portion of baroque elements and a pinch of surrealism.

How do you cook a vintage design?

Well, it’s not that hard, if you follow the recipe! Just take a large chunk of packaging design experience, divide it into several parts for convenience, mix in a glass of pure cask-strength inspiration, add a tablespoon of local ethnic spices, and sprinkle it with some craziness for seasoning. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Well, as with any recipe, the devil is in the details. If you change the proportion of various ingredients, and lean too much on one thing or another, the final dish will be quite different from what you’ve envisaged when starting this whole endeavor. And in this cookbook we’ve decided to show you what you can end up with, if you play around with your recipes, while trying to cook a good vintage packaging design.


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