The development of a visual component for such a product as a divin (brandy) is always a task, the main purpose of which is to emphasize the maturity, status, sophistication of the drink. Especially if it concerns such an iconic producer as Călărași, whose history goes back several decades, and thanks to which such a classification as a Moldovan divin exists in the first place. It is only natural that this traditional and large enterprise has a product portfolio that has grown over time in several directions, each of which required special attention and timely updating. Therefore, in the course of a large-scale project to redesign Călărași products, our studio had a chance to work on Status Regal, one of the most premium and popular lines of the manufacturer. The task, in this case, was quite obvious – to update the visual component of the product, to make it more relevant to today’s product shelf, while maintaining its identity and familiarity.

The main task that our studio focused on when redesigning Status Regal divins from the legendary manufacturer Călărași was to de-clutter the visual image of the product. Having retained only the most necessary elements to identify the drink, and slightly updated their overall look, we focused on creating a stylish composition that would reflect the high quality and level of the drink in the bottle. Therefore, the emphasis in the design was placed on golden elements and maximum transparency of the label itself, which allows the consumer to appreciate the color of the divin itself. In addition, we have developed a design for a multifunctional gift box with a convenient and informative label that allows you to clearly identify the position in the Status Regal product line. The result of the work was a design that meets modern requirements while maintaining a connection with the image already familiar to the consumer.