Showing the natural essence and benefit of a product through packaging design is a very non-trivial task that requires a detailed approach. Therefore, when our studio was approached with the task of developing a visual representation for the Foodberry line of natural fruit drinks and smoothies, we focused on identifying the main advantages of the product and their communication through design. Since the target audience for such products is quite broad – from fitness enthusiasts to children – we were required to create a sufficiently clear and understandable image that would be easily grasped by all consumer groups as a healthy alternative to soda and sugar concentrates.

The packaging design for natural Foodberry drinks emphasizes its main characteristics: natural ingredients, health benefits, fresh batches. Therefore, the emphasis in the design is placed on minimalism and ergonomics, which makes the drink look more like an elixir from a pharmacy than a product of the fast food industry. The white-green color scheme focuses on natural ingredients. A specially designed iconography system indicates the beneficial properties of each individual drink. The label, printed on a special film using tactile varnish, also features transparent elements that allow you to see the natural color of the drink in the bottle.