Natural Doze – Vitamin Revolution


We always had the feeling that nutritional supplements always look kind of boring and pale and give you the uneasy feeling of buying sterile “medicine”? We wanted to change that, which is why Natural Doze is completely different. Colorful and sexy. It makes you feel happy even before you enjoy it. A shame to hide your vitamins in a drawer. Therefore, Natural Doze not only has a good effect on you, but also on your surroundings.

It has been a matter of importance from the very beginning to rely on sustainable, recycled materials in production. For our packaging, we not only use less plastic per container, but also recycled plastic containers (rPET). For our labels and packaging stickers, we use cane sugar and linen. In addition, we have made a conscious decision not to purchase normal shipping boxes, but instead make them ourselves from recycled paper to avoid unnecessary waste.