Super Pequeno Almoço Origens Bio Kids


The KIDS monsters’ family came to inspire children and their parents, in a playful way, for the role of a healthier breakfast. By giving room to imagination and creativity, the concept was based in the wonders of the wonderland. The characters – Kaki, Ika, Dot and Spot – are known as cute hungry monsters that crave for fruits and healthy cereals. Through a visually appealing and fun packaging, Origens Bio reflects the brand’s values – make available healthy, nutritious and tasty foods for all groups of consumers – while appeal to a more emotional dimension of its’ consumers.

Origens Bio – The flavour of a healthier life!



Creative Director & Designer: Tiago Ângelo

Designer: Susana Vale

Nutritionist and R&D Department (legal validation): Ana Maria and Margarida Esteves

Quality Department (legal validation): Sónia Costa and Cláudia Henriques