In 2014, twenty surviving employees of the company PILPA, organize themselves to save their work tool and their jobs. This is when the SCOP de la Fabrique du Sud was born. The objective? To manufacture artisanal ice creams by committing to a social, solidarity and eco-responsible economy.

It was in 2015 that a handful of cooperators arrived at the Agence des Coteaux. Everything had to be created: the commercial brand, the name, the packaging.

We proposed the brand La Belle Aude, a nod to the Aude poet and writer Joseph Delteil, whose eponymous book pays a magnificent tribute to the beauty of the department and the women and men who live there. La Belle Aude plays with phonetics and blurs the lines: the brand flirts with a universal “Label Aude”.

The visual identity is built to move: free, clumsy, generous, mischievous and endearing, Aude is a cow with an improbable physique but eminently sympathetic. We have created a graphic universe translating the values of the brand. Using a grammar of style alternating drawings and texts for a human and committed brand, a brand that is what it says, a brand that is beautiful because it is true and sincere, a brand for ice cream made with quality products and fresh ingredients.