In recent years on-packaging advertising has become a cluttered, jumble of color and images in order to make the product stand out from the crowd. However, with almost every company doing this the best way to stand out now is to use minimalistic design. Coffee is a special drink with a bitter taste on the tongue, followed by a sweet taste in the back of the throat. Take a moment to sit and watch the street and sip a cup of coffee to reflect on people, about life, reflect on yourself.

A time when bombs and bombs made many people feel anxious about their homeland after many years of exile. The color of the burnt paper makes the village peaceful. Reminded generations to come, how his father would have made a trade-off for the peace he had made today. The motherland lingers on the lips, absorbed in every small sip, a bit bitter, a little sour but sweet. “Vietnam” that homeland is far but close. With all the enthusiasm and efforts, BZC Market always brings to customers special publications about content, creativity in design, and impression of finished products. Accompanying HUONG QUE coffee, BZC Market was responsible for designing the packaging in traditional style on environmentally friendly paper material. Coffee Que Huong is dedicated to the celebration and preservation of traditional Native.