With the source of fiber, vitamins and minerals 3.5 – 4 times higher than fresh nuts of the same weight, dried fruits have been increasingly popular in the market. In particular, the Rich nuts of the Richcom brand is one of the most prominent products today.

As one of the reputable manufacturers and distributors of agricultural products in both the domestic and international markets, Richcom always brings high quality dried fruit seeds to the customers. Understanding the core values of Richcom, the BZC.Market creative team has designed the packaging of Rich nuts products in the friendly, aesthetics and professional direction.

The two main tones of pink pastel and white bring a sense of closeness to consumers when purchasing the products. With 5 types of ingredients including almonds, walnuts, cashews, strawberries and grapes,  the images of raw materials are shown clearly in the packaging. The bilingual brand name, using instructions, nutrition ingredients and organic certification are also displayed prominently to help consumers feel more secure.