With the risk of serious pollution in many cities, Vietnamese women are facing many skin problems. Understanding this, the Viet-Au company has launched a high-class Veratea sunscreen product with the mission of protecting Vietnamese women. Trusted by the brand, BZC Market is in charge of implementing Veratea’s packaging design in the direction of minimalism, sophistication and luxury.

As part of the BZC.Market cosmetic packaging design project series, the Veratea sunscreen packaging comes in a thin bottle and a sturdy rectangular paper box. Combined with the main color palette of yellow, white and black, Veratea’s packaging has “solved” the right problem of the target customer.

To add aesthetic and femininity to the packaging design, BZC Market has included geometric and graphic details that refer to the sun and nature. In addition, the information about the product’s SPF, capacity and use is also displayed in a prominent font and located in the center of the package.