Lapidary – Bleaching Powder Oxidant Cream


Mal. Floriano, ES, 29255-000, Brasil

Lapidary is a cosmetics brand born in Brazil but with vision and potential to go global.

Director Rafael exposed his commercial objective:
  – I’m investing in the development of a product of great technical quality, so I need a look capable of competing with Wella and brands of that level.

The development was fast. 

Sometimes I have ideas of what an interesting look for a product would look like, and I make sketches so I don’t lose the concept. When director came to me I remembered one of these proposals, so I showed him the concept and he said “PERFECT!”.

For this project, we developed:
– Bleaching powder
– Oxidant Cream (Hydrogen peroxide)

The product is already being marketed and the Lapirdary´s director is very satisfied with the result.

I have already developed another products and we are planning new releases.