Kestrel Kitchen – Nut Butter

When Kestrel Kitchen reached out to Zeki Michael Studio to work on their range of nut and seed butter blends, they were aware that many nut butter brands already in the US market were focusing on commercial branding with realistic & traditional nut illustrations. It was decided that things were going to be approached differently and were going to be contrary and ambitious in this packaging project.

After many conversations between Zeki (Creative director and Designer, Zeki Michael Studio) and Mackenzie (founder of Kestrel Kitchen) both sides decided that each and every nut butter product in the Kestrel Family should feel different from each other in character. The focus was to create something clean, fun and playfully unique. Inspiration was taken from birds and their relationship with nuts and seeds.

Each bird has a different character, but all give joy and spread a positive feeling to their surroundings. With this fun idea Zeki Michael Studio set out to create a tasty and positive brand identity and illustration/label system featuring 6 bird types; Redstart, Goldfinch, Quetzal, Sunbird, Sandpiper and Ibis.



Brand & Packaging Design: Zeki Michael Keskin @zekimichaelstudio

Photography: Brittany Nikole  @brittanynikolephoto

Kestrel Kitchen