Since the pandemic occurred, growing plants has been gaining more and more popularity. People of different ages with different hobbies are plant-lovers now. Therefore, the project is aimed at re-imagining the package for different gardening products, one of which is potting soil.

Soil for plants is more than a habitat, just as this soil packaging is more than a simple wrapper. Soil is a vital element plants cannot survive without. These days people have become more mindful and meditation serves as a tool to reflect on life and death. Some studies have shown that growing plants has positive psychological effects and for this reason it can also be attributed to meditative activities. That is the philosophy behind Grownbone – the new potting soil brand.

The soil consists both of organic and non-organic elements, which creates a contrast between life and death: life is represented by plant images while the skeletons refer to death.

There are 3 SKUs in the package series – the soil for ornamental plants, the soil for flowering plants and the soil for seedlings of vegetables and herbs.

In the project I illustrated scenes with skeletons that take care of different plants and flowers on their graves. The illustrations identify the plants for which the product is intended. Also, each SKU has a dominant color, which also de-differentiates the product. The front part describes the basic information about the product, and the back label contains instructions, which also have an illustrated design. The shape of the bag is made according to the shape of different gravestones, which also differentiates the type of product.

This project received the bronze awards at the SREDA festival ( and World Brand Design Student Awards (