Any winemaker is proud of their roots, the land where their vineyard is located, where their wines are made. And each producer expresses their love for their native land in a different way. In the case of Novak Winery, which our studio has built a very fruitful relationship with, this desire to honor their roots has taken form in a separate line of wines called Etno. This collection of wines consists only of indigenous mono-varietals created from native Moldovan grape varieties. And for the manufacturer, it was necessary to put an emphasis on the ethnic peculiarity of these wines, while maintaining the overall style and brand recognition. This is how the label design for the Novak Etno series was developed.

The graphic solution for Novak Etno wine label design is the next step in the development of the overall brand visual identity, which our studio has been supervising for several years now. The general minimalist and crafty aesthetic of the brand has been retained, emphasizing the continuity of the product. However, a laconic ethnic element was introduced into the design, based on traditional patterns that appear in homespun carpets, clothes and household utensils of the peoples living in the south of Moldova. The element is present on all the wines in the product line, changing the color for each position. This way the design has managed to maintain a connection with the overall visual concept of the brand, while carving out a special place for itself, clearly indicating the main feature of these particular wines.


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