Thirst Craft

93 W George St, Glasgow G2 1PB, UK

Looking to expand their legendary portfolio with another inimitable proposition and increase their reach, Brooklyn Brewery partnered with Thirst Craft to create yet another icon: a pilsner that celebrates the brewery’s ethos and disrupts the mainstream shelves around the world.

Working closely with the client team, Thirst was tasked with building the new proposition from the ground up, from brand strategy to visual identity, and bring the Brooklyn magnetism to the masses once more!

As a proud pioneer that unapologetically embraces difference, fitting in was not an option. Instead, the Thirst strategy was to take on the establishment in true Brooklyn style: by putting soul back into scale, and bringing craft, character and playful charisma to brave drinkers everywhere.

“Everything that the Brooklyn Brewery touches oozes the authentic spirit and creativity of the city of New York. So when it comes to Pilsner we wanted to capture the joyful, carefree experience of the product through every touch point of the brand” says Matt Burns, Co-Founder & Creative Director at Thirst.

A true Beacon of Joy and a shortcut to the iconic NY cabs flying through the buzzing streets, the yellow brand colour is quick to catch the eye, lift the spirit and break through busy aisles.

“A key part of the visual identity are the illustrations. They capture the iconic heritage of the city, in a way that is relaxed, relatable, fun and unmistakably New York” Burns says. Creating a celebration of individuality and unconstrained self-expression, they reflect the city’s endlessly creative energy.

Merging semiotics with symbolism, Thirst’s new global design aims to build credibility in a refreshingly different way, while welcoming flex across markets. Sitting alongside the original iconic Lager, Brooklyn Pilsner is set to bring a sip of the bright side to people everywhere! On taps in the UK now, cans to follow soon.