Thirst Craft refreshes Brooklyn Lager

Thirst Craft

93 W George St, Glasgow G2 1PB, UK

As the beer that proudly built an institution, shattered taste conventions and democratised craft for the many, Brooklyn Lager wanted to refresh its image to reclaim its iconic status and unify markets under one cohesive global expression.

As part of their ongoing collaboration with Glasgow-based drinks specialists, Thirst Craft, Brooklyn Brewery zeroed in on celebrating the Brooklyn borough once more with intention and irreverence.

Matt Burns, Creative Director and Founder explains the vision behind the design: “We set out to respectfully continue Milton Glaser’s legacy, whilst celebrating the brand’s rich substance and uniqueness. We built in this subtle storytelling, without diluting the elegant simplicity of the original black design, evolving this icon into its next chapter.”

Looking back through the archives, Thirst reimagined original elements with fresh flair in keeping with Lager’s unwavering and uncompromising nature.

A distinct signature, the black colour symbolises the brand’s courage and character. And just like the borough itself, it had to be more than meets the eye. Fusing craft with graft, the new design forges depth into every detail, creating a tactile expression of authenticity that demands attention and entices the tastebuds.

With a refreshed image and brave ambitions, Brooklyn Lager is stepping into its own power once more, bringing flavour to the world and turning difference into the new norm.