Thirst Creates Brand for Buzzkill – The New Rock & Soul of the Party

Thirst Craft

93 W George St, Glasgow G2 1PB, UK

In an accelerating world of non-alcoholic beverages, non-alc wine has been taking a back seat. Defined by sobriety and outdated stereotypes, it is time for a new wine on the block. Cue Buzzkill. The California-grown non-alc wine for those who love wine, just without the hangover.

Thirst were tasked with creating a new-to-world brand, with the challenge to capture the irreverence and attitude of Buzzkill, embracing the oxymoron and owning moderation with style. After all, wine is all about pleasure so Buzzkill was primed to make a delicious new statement.

With Buzzkill’s bold brand ambition, Thirst have progressed the rules of moderation by tapping into real wine moments. After all, this tipple is still the real deal from Napa Valley! Not following the status quo of ‘alternatives’, Buzzkill is non-alc wine’s alter ego, a true maverick representing originality and carefree soul, ready to make an entrance. “Thirst have reflected our ambition to create a brand with a refreshingly real attitude to help us shake up the reputation of non-alc wine” says Buzzkill Founder Molly Fedick.

“We wanted to craft an identity and shelf presence that would immediately set the brand apart from its peers in the category.” says Matt Burns, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Thirst. “To us, naming the brand “Buzzkill” was a bold move that called for embracing the stereotype, turning the meaning on its head, and leaning into a rebellious and fun persona in the development of the brand. These would become ownable hallmarks to make evident across the entire brand experience.”

Drawing inspiration from iconic dive bars, understated staple style and timeless rock and roll, Buzzkill is the antithesis of the cliches. Shaking up the status quo of non-alc wine to help you unapologetically get your game on.

Needing to make a statement, the hero bee brings that rebellious sting. “Our main goal was to capture Buzzkill’s playful wit and energy, which we combined with the effortless style of our logo type to bring the brand down to earth” says Burns.

Thirst have championed bold high-contrast colour to break free from the muted tones of the non-alc world, progressing the category to a tastier and more inclusive space. A delicious non-alc wine fit for the modern drinker – no guilt and all the attitude to start crushing it for real.


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