Jazz Collection

Alice Macarova

Сент-Питерсберг, Флорида, США

A collection is inspired by the Jazz AgeTune on the wave of jazz, feel the unique rhythms of big cities.

Every year we produce a new limited tea collection with unique package design and special flavours. Greenfield Jazz Collection dedicated to the great age of jazz music. Each package has its own story. We combined images of flavours with architectural styles of towns which was founders of these musical tendencies. Inspired by the Art Deco aesthetic and brilliant examples of jazz music.

Design: Alice Macarova , Brand management: Julia Vilner, Elena Matveeva
© 2021 | All Rights Reserved | Orimi  ​​​​​​​


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Alice Macarova

Сент-Питерсберг, Флорида, США

Design: Alice Macarova , Brand management: Julia Vilner, Elena Matveeva© 2021 | All Rights Reserved | Orimi  ​​​​​​​