The packaging design of kidotens vitamin syrup increases height

Finding correct knowledge of customers and their needs is always the most difficult step of packaging design we should provide the best solution to answer their needs. Our challenge is that children eating medicines and vitamin supplements are highly resistant. Maybe it’s because of the memories of the bitter medicines that children have, and sometimes because of incorrect graphic of product that does not communicate with the child.

Since parents have to deal with this problem every day, we had to provide a suitable solution with the child’s understanding.

Packaging of Kidotens focuses on this issue that is inspired by a childish and intimate atmosphere, we try show what benefits the result of consuming this syrup will bring to them and by depicting the things that children have not been able to do so far, how they can easily do them after taking this supplement.

Packing in the first image is the cover of the package shows a short child who trying to get his ball down from the top of a tree, we see that he is upset because his short stature has limited him. But when the child starts to use the syrup he will see the parents are taking out the cover and realizes that the girl and the boy get taller and taller until the happy child reaches the ball with a tall stature. Finally, when the syrup glass came out he can see the child is so tall that only his feet are on the label on the glass. In order for the child to feel better with the product, instead of a simple bottle cap, we liked them to girls’ and boys’ hats.

Sometimes a good and suitable picture has messages that we may not be able to express in a few sentences or the child may not be able to understand it, But children understand the images very well and fantasize about them.

In the hope that all children will be happy and healthy.